Industrial Services.

IM&E delivers quality and reliability!

Industrial Maintenance and Engineering offers manufacturing plants a dedicated repair resource. We serve automotive, steel mills, mines, paper mills, rubber, chemical, and many more. We have the expertise to repair your process critical motors. Motors up to 6,000hp are routine for us to process and rewind. Our 7200v test panel allows work up through 10,000hp.

Your full service electrical and mechanical repair facility. Possessing one of the largest and best equipped motor shops in the Southeast, IM&E provides quality service in a timely and professional manner. But we’re more than just a motor shop. IM&E offers you a variety of services and the opportunity to have one primary source that meets your needs of maintaining and updating your operation. Over the years we have proudly served a variety of industrial clients. IM&E has earned the respect of many of the United States’ major Southeastern industries because of our success in repairing motors as large as 40 tons. Our plant is organized for utmost efficiency; 60,000 square feet, 3 work bays, 5 Jib cranes, and 5 bridge cranes allows us to reduce the time it takes to complete your motor/pump/or gearbox. The layout of our facility is streamlined to move your equipment efficiently through the different stages of testing, inspection, and repair. Attention to detail is always maintained for quality assurance.